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Date- 24.11.10


Vijayalakshmi Bidari Prasanna

Director- IT


Suggestions related to Usage of Marathi in Maharashtra’s E-governance Policy


  Dear Madam,

Following suggestions are based on ‘e-Governance policy for Government of Maharashtra’. At the outset we strongly object use of ONLY English for drafting this document. In legality Marathi is the official language of the state. Draft-makers have completely ignored this point and violated language policy in place for decades. Draft-makers are asking for Citizen Comments on this policy. Though, ONLY ENGLISH has certainly created communication obstacle to seek feedback from common people in Maharashtra. Therefore, we require Marathi version of the draft for larger awareness and mass reach.  

We are hopeful that you will take serious note of this matter and translate the concerned document in Marathi in a week’s time. Unless it’s not in Marathi we will not accept it as a document worthy enough for inputs and opinions.     

Even then, taking this opportunity we are hereby sending our suggestions for your perusal. Along with these suggestions, we are also including earlier draft of ‘E-governance and Marathi’ in Marathi which we had sent to Dr. Vijay Bhatkar.    


Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,



Deepak Pawar

(President, Marathi Abhyas Kendra)


(Following suggestions are based on outline of broad policy statements)



Policy Structure

Our Suggestion





Use of Marathi in e-Governance implementation


-To establish Marathi as “first and mandatory” language in e-governance efforts at all levels, applications and processes.


-The policy document must make it explicitly clear that e-governance in Maharashtra will succeed only if Marathi is the mandatory first language. This way government can ensure larger participation of masses in the e-governance efforts.




e-enablement of Services

Setting up Data Inventory which will comprise of all government data from all departments in standardized manner on a uniform platform. This data will be used by all e-governance projects in future.



Use of E-mail for communication.





-Data Inventory must store all textual information in Marathi using Unicode encoding standard.

-All related software for Data Inventory must be Unicode compliant.


-E-mail communication from government should be by default in Marathi using embedded Unicode facility in OS.

-Using Social networking sites – Government must get engaged on social networking sites for creating larger social awareness of its assignments. Interaction on social networking platform must be in Unicode Marathi.


Service Delivery Channels


-Make Unicode Marathi mandatory for all documents/certificates/information issued by government through Service Delivery Channels


-Make Marathi first and mandatory language for all online (Unicode based) and offline applications submitted to government.


-All transactions at Citizen Service Centers (CSCs) and Maha- e-Seva Kendra at both ends (G2C) must be in Unicode Marathi only.





Service Delivery Gateway (SSDG)


-Make Unicode Marathi platform mandatory  for SSDG



Maharashtra Mandatory Electronic Delivery of Public Services Act


-Copy of this act should be made available in Marathi as well with meaningful title.

-A provision in the act should mention that specified mandatory Electronic delivery must be in Unicode Marathi by default. Also violation of this provision should bring strict action against concerned public officer/administrator.



Procurement of IT products and Services


-Introduce mandatory compliance certificate clause for “Unicode Marathi support” in all hardware/software procurements.


-All tenders under e-governance must give weight age for Marathi localization.


-All user manuals, SOP, Help files related to any e-governance application/process must be made available in Marathi.



Project Implementation Committee (PIC)


This committee must include at least one member with proper knowledge of Marathi IT and localization.



Capacity Building

Setting up Maharashtra Information Technology Services (MITS) cadre






-MITS Cadre must have proper knowledge of Marathi IT and localization.


-Marathi typing on Inscript Keyboard must be an important criterion for MITS cadre recruitment.


-This training program must include Marathi IT and localization related topics in course curriculum.




Joint Venture with TCS


Talks about leveraging ten years JV signed by Government of Maharashtra with TCS for e-governance.


Considering long-term nature of the JV, government must insist on following sub-clauses-

-All correspondence related to e-governance projects handled by TCS should be in Marathi.

-All documents/project-plans/User Manuals/SOP’s made by TCS for various stages (from Planning to implementation) of e-governance must in Marathi.

Onus should be on TCS to resolve various issues related to Marathi IT usage in e-governance applications.

  • TCS should be made accountable for violating any clause related to usage of Marathi.



Review and Audit


Review and Audit of e-governance projects must include language sub-audit of Marathi support/enablement/usage.



Budgetary Allocation


-Some portion of e-governance budget allocation of every government department must be reserved for Marathi IT localization related research activities.


-Awards for Marathi Technology efforts: For government and private sector- To implement best practices adopted for Websites, Blogs, Technology Magazines, Fonts, e-governance application, language resources in Marathi.



               Additional Points


  1. Content of all government websites must be in Unicode Marathi by default. 


  1. Inscript Keyboard layout for Marathi typing should be standardized.


  1. The state government should take initiatives to build applications in Open Source Marathi. This will include dictionaries, spell checker, grammar checker, thesaurus, glossaries of technical terms in various disciplines Wikipedia in Marathi etc.


  1. At least ten new Unicode compliant Marathi-Devanagari fonts must be developed and released under Public Domain by the state government. These fonts should be used by all government establishments, e-governance projects and educational instituttions.


  1. Language processing tools such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Search and Retrieval Systems should be developed under Public Domain by state government.


  1. The policy document must make it amply clear that Marathi and Hindi scripts are different. Devnagari scripts used for the two languages have different needs and requirement. This should be kept in mind while designing interface and making fonts.
  2. The hardware and software manuals must be written in Marathi language. These manuals must be easy to understand for users knowing only Marathi and no other language.
  3. Experts in Marathi language and linguists should be encouraged to join IT departments and MITS cadre. They should be provided necessary technical training. Even IT professionals must be trained in technical communication in Marathi by state language agencies.

The government must offer incentives to small and medium enterprises contributing to promotion of e-governance, ICT and localization in Marathi